What Are Dental Implants?

According to the Implant Dentistry Journal, dental implants are like artificial tooth roots that hold a crown into place. These serve as a replacement for missing teeth. The implant’s abutment screw bonds to bone over time and supports the crown to effectively withstand bite forces. They are sturdy devices that last a lifetime as long as the patient practices good oral care.

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Preparation for Dental Implants

The dentist will examine the mouth and take a series of x-rays to determine the structure of the jawbone. He or she will also look for any disease processes. If there is not sufficient bone to support the implant, the dentist may plan surgeries to graft bone from other areas of the jaw or from the hip. If teeth have shifted into the tooth gap, orthodontic treatment may be needed to make room for the implant. 

Benefits of Dental Implants

One of the first things you notice about a person is the person’s smile. Missing or damaged teeth affects a person’s confidence. Implants provide a more durable alternative to filling in gaps than dental bridges.

In addition, when teeth are missing, other teeth may shift over time into the gap. Bone loss may also occur. This will worsen the bite and result in the need for expensive orthodontics. While implants are not cheap procedures, they help prevent the need for more costly treatments down the road. 

When you are missing teeth, it’s also more difficult to eat and speak properly. Improper chewing could lead to choking on foods or limits on a person’s diet. Speech difficulties lead to loss of confidence and communication problems with one’s family and friends. If you cannot share your thoughts with your friends easily, you may become depressed.

Modern dental implants are sturdy, lasting devices that restore confidence and prevent further problems down the road.

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3 Reasons for Your Chronic Stuffy Nose

Your nose is an integral part of your five senses. Without it, you can’t smell or taste. Does it seem like you have a constant case of the sniffles? Are you continually blowing and wiping your nose, even in the quietest of settings? If you are wondering what might be causing this annoying and somewhat miserable affliction, take a peek at three of the common culprits causing your stuffy nose.

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1. The Common Cold

Have you been feeling groggy lately? Has your throat been sore or have you had a cough that comes and goes? If you have had these symptoms in conjunction with a runny nose, you may be dealing with a cold. The virus that leads to the cold is easy to pass, and without proper handwashing, people often continue to move it around. Your cold may feel neverending, and with good cause – you keep giving it back to yourself. When your immune system is compromised, you are more susceptible to a return visit from this foe.

2. Sinusitis

Sinusitis is painful and produces pressure inside the head. It occurs when your sinuses become infected and fill with fluid. Your stuffy nose may be sinusitis if you also have a worsening headache and pressure if your breath has a foul odor and you are constantly fatigued. Sinus support measures may help to ease the symptoms of sinusitis. 

3. Seasonal Allergies

When the cold weather gives way to milder temps and the reemergence of green, you know spring is on the way. If you suddenly develop itchy watery eyes and a stuffy nose, you also know your seasonal allergies have also returned. Particles in the air, such as pollen, may irritate your nasal passages leading to a scratchy voice, headache and constant runny nose. Taking precautionary measures can help control the severity of your allergies.

Treating the symptoms of these three ailments may take some natural therapy or over-the-counter remedies. If they persist, you may want to visit a doctor to get more help diagnosing your condition and getting some relief.

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4 Gift Ideas for the Dog-Lover in Your Life

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Dog-lovers are truly a breed of their own. Whether you’re searching for the perfect gift for a Pomeranian’s doggy dad or a Mastiff’s mama, here are four ideas to get you started.

Gourmet Treats

Run-of-the-mill dog treats, while typically inexpensive, are often packed full of artificial flavoring, preservatives and other ingredients that may be harmful to a dog’s health. Gourmet dog treats can offer an organic alternative that doubles as a cute gift. Crafted in the shape of bones, bow-ties or fire hydrants, gourmet treats are a delight to the eye and filling for any pup’s tummy.

Dog Gift Baskets

Dog gift baskets are a great way to combine all of Fido’s favorites in one package. For an active pup, a toy-filled basket can provide hours of much-needed entertainment and exercise. For the pup with a sweet tooth, a basket with differently flavored treats will get him or her drooling before the wrapping paper hits the floor. With a variety of sizes available, you’ll be sure to find the best one for your friend’s pooch.

Service Gift Cards

A great way to treat your friends or family members is to grab a gift card for one of the many services their dog may need. Whether they use a dog-walking service or regularly take their dog to the local groomer, a gift card for any of these services acts as a thoughtful gift as well as a big contribution to their care routine. Gift certificates for a weekend trip to a doggy spa, for example, are a great way to provide a “vacation” for both your friends and their pups.

Customized Memorabilia

Immortalize man’s best friend by having his or her likeness printed on a cute throw pillow or a pair of socks. If your friends or family members have to spend their days away from their best friend, a cute coaster or custom art piece for their office will make it feel like their furry friend is there with them.

Next time you’re looking for the perfect present for a dog-lover, try one of these gifts. Your friends (and their pups) will thank you!

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Common Issues That International Vendors Of Illegal Or Restricted Goods Face

In 2017, the United Parcel Service (UPS), the largest courier that planet Earth has to offer, was responsible for shipping some 5.1 billion parcels throughout the world. National and state governments have long been aware of the fact that people around the globe ship illegal goods using the mail with reasonably high success rates. Determining which packages contain illegal goods is difficult because there are so many parcels to sort through. Thoroughly searching all of them is impossible. However, such governments engage in several strategies to keep restricted or semi-restricted goods out of their countries as best as they can. Let’s take a look at some of the most common issues that international vendors of such semi-restricted or fully-restricted products face.

Some Countries Have Major Delays In Shipping Certain Types Of Goods

Let’s consider the botanical specimen known as kratom to explain this issue. Also known as mitragyna speciosa, kratom is an all-natural pain reliever that is similar to coffee or tea. Late last year, kratom vendors in Indonesia, the world’s largest producer of kratom, were unable to ship their goods to buyers in the United States, the world’s largest buyer of the plant, because China Air broke its contractual vow to ship kratom out of Indonesia eight months into its 12-month contract. Kratom shipments are regularly seized by the FDA, a U.S.-based agency that influenced China Air’s decision. Supply chain breaks with such goods happen all the time.

Not Paying Proper Taxes

Vendors need to pay export and import taxes on goods shipped internationally. Failing to do so brings further scrutiny to packages when they arrive in their country of destination.

Skipping Regulatory Requirements

Some small-time vendors of palm oil break countless countries’ laws by selling product that was harvested using slave labor. These vendors cannot meet regulatory requirements since they’re so small. Such shipments are often held at borders if they’re discovered due to the systematic failure of small-time vendors to meet regulatory requirements. If your government or business needs help package testing to prevent the influx and unnecessary handling of unwanted or illegal goods, our team can help throw another issue in the way of these goods’ vendors.

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Women’s Natural Strengths Through Every Cycle

Women face a lot of challenges in their lives, which may be why women do really have amazing strength and resiliency. There’s no question that women are wired to be strong and to be survivors, as life really does hand them a lot of challenges. To be sure, women’s innate ability to nurture and to be strong for others is one of the qualities that keeps women going through hardships and unforeseen difficulties.

The Life Cycle

Women’s bodies are built to keep evolving as they go through life. The start of a girl’s menstrual cycle is a major milestone in life, as this is the point at which a girl transitions into womanhood and becomes capable of having children. Through the many cycles a woman goes through each month, she must stay strong in order to stay even keel, even though the regular menstrual cycle can be painful and quite trying. Pregnancy is another huge milestone for most women, as the body gives all it has in order to develop a new life. The endurance required to survive childbirth is yet another milestone, and yet women go through this process every day. Yes, female endurance is remarkable for how everyday it actually is.

Aging Gracefully

After all of these life transitions comes menopause, which for some women can be a very trying time. The good news for women is that there are many treatments available that can help ease the difficult symptoms that come with menopause, like hot flashes and depression. Some doctors prescribe hrt for women to ease symptoms, and hormone treatments, if well regulated, can be extremely helpful in helping a woman regain her vitality and optimism. A healthy diet full of fresh food, along with regular exercise are also great for helping women through these natural yet challenging cycles.

Ultimately, every woman owes it to herself to feel well and to take care of herself. If she does, she will be blessed with good health and a feeling of wanting to live every day with joy and appreciation.

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